Warehouse Logistics

Never have another stock-out. Regioraum.de takes over your entire warehouse logistics and thus gives you a new-found freedom . You have the goods, RegioRoom has the storage capacity and provides you with individualised storage solutions. We understand flexible warehousing-solutions - from inventory onwards - and supply management. We offer everything from short-term interim storage to a complete and cost-effective outsourcing of warehousing and logistics projects with its own dedicated equipment and personnel. Long-term economic success require professional solutions.

Storage solutions:

  • Bulk storage and bulk storage areas between 50m ² and 1200m²
  • High bay warehouse, storage Realized CCG1 , CCG2 and industrial pallets
  • Great safety grid boxes per 100m2
  • Mobile BDF container per 42m³
  • Storage in wood container 7.5 m³ / 15 m³
  • Storage and / or filing of records under lock and key
  • Certified document destruction after the statutory retention periods
Warehouse logistics:

  • Warehouse logistics new furniture or exchange furniture
  • Commissioning
  • Repackaging and secure
  • Current storage and inventory lists
  • Consulting / Software solution document management

  • Area directly in Friedrichshafen at the airport
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Disclaimer of driveway
  • Security for night surveillance
  • Monitoring system against pest infestations
  • Temperature program of 5 ° to 18 ° C.